Undergraduate Education (CanUUC)

What is CanUUC (Canadian Undergraduate Urology Curriculum)?

CanUUC is a uniquely Canadian undergraduate urology resource that was first designed by urologists across Canada in 2011.

The CanUUC Committee have created a multi-faceted online curriculum that covers ten important topics in urology, including: Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia, Prostate Cancer, Urinary Tract Infection, Hematuria, Incontinence, Pediatric Urology, Uro-trauma, Stone Disease, Erectile Dysfunction and Scrotal Conditions. Additionally, two instructional videos on how to insert a urethral catheter and how to perform a genitourinary examination are provided.

We hope that this content is helpful for our learners to fill any knowledge gaps as they become a "urological well-informed" medical school graduate.




Greg Bailly, Darren Beiko, Dave Bell, Naeem Bhojani, Felix Couture, Trustin Domes, Ethan Grober, Paul Johnston, Darcie Kiddoo, Anjali Lobo, Dawn MacLellan, Brian Mayson, Steve Pautler, Premal Patel, Hassan Razvi, Keith Rourke, Walid Shahrour