CPD and Accreditation

CPD Community Urologist Grants


CUA-CPD Mission Statement

As an approved accreditor of CPD activities, the CUA Office of Education mission is to transfer knowledge into action through its various educational projects in order to:

Foster the dissemination of cutting-edge research and best practices (Members)
Improve patient care outcomes (Patients)
Improve public awareness or urologic illnesses (Public)

Professional Development

CUA is an accredited continuing professional development (CPD) provider of the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada.

CUA can review and provide accreditation for Section 1 Group Learning and Section 3 Self-Assessment learning activities.

Visit www.royalcollege.ca for more detailed information on CPD programs and definitions of various categories of learning activities.

As of June 2013, the CUA no longer co-develops programs with industry or third party agencies. All educational programs are planned through the CUA Office of Education based on continued needs assessment of its members as well as combined information received from evaluation forms for programs that run throughout the year.

CUA members in good standing can contact the office and request that the Association consider organizing programs to target their specific educational needs. These requests will be considered by the Vice-President Education and the Chair of the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Committee, against educational needs identified by the CUA membership.

STEP 1: Contact the CUA Office of Education (OE) 4 months prior to the anticipated program start date

  • A CUA Member in good standing send a letter of intent to request that a CPD program be developed
  • Your written request should discuss possible topics and content based on a needs assessment of the target audience (to be included in application)

Send requests to:


Office of Education

+1 514 395 0376 #44

STEP 2: The program request is reviewed by the OE and compared to the current planned program schedule

STEP 3: If accepted, the OE develops a budget for the program and solicits sponsorship for the program

STEP 4: The OE invoices the sponsor(s) for the full amount

STEP 5: The OE selects a third party agency to handle content development and logistics (if required)

STEP 6: The OE appoints all faculty members and assigns a CUA representative to the program who is involved in the entire process (the CUA representative, usually a community member, is chosen at random);

STEP 7: Educational content for the program is developed by the CUA-member planning committee. Sponsors are not permitted to participate in program development, planning and/or teleconferences with the CUA planning committee.

STEP 8: The OE will send the program and supporting documents to CUA CPD Committee Member for review and approval.

STEP 9: Submission Review by the CUA-CPD Committee
(Process may take 2 to 4 weeks depending on program type)

  • The committee will review the proposal based on identified educational needs, learning objectives and the overall scientific program to ensure that it meets the criteria and to ensure the ethical and educational integrity of the program
  • Internal discussions with other members of the CUA-CPD Committee or counselling from the Royal College may be requested.
  • Final approval and authority on content, speaker selection and overall program rests with the CUA-CPD Committee.

STEP 10: The OE is accountable for meeting all educational and ethical standards. Once the program is approved, the CUA will submit the accreditation notice to the Royal College.

STEP 11: The CUA pays all honoraria and expenses for the development of the scientific content; the CUA pays all speaker honoraria and expenses during program implementation.

At this time, a speaker training may be scheduled as an opportunity to provide potential speakers a program overview, including speaker responsibilities and the standards for delivering accredited CPD activities. The CUA is required to process all honoraria for trainers and trainees.

The following documentation is required from scientific planning committee and/or speakers and moderators:

  • CUA Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form (to be completed by all planning committee members and all speakers/moderators)
  • CUA Honorarium Form (to be completed by all planning committee members and all speakers/moderators)
  • CUA Speaker Checklist (to be completed by speakers/moderators only)

Please contact rita.demarco@cua.org for access to these forms (now online).

STEP 12: The CUA issues the certificate of attendance to all participants for all accredited events (or contracts a third party to do so).

All CUA developed programs are subject to the CUA Honoraria Guidelines for Program Development and Delivery and to the CUA Expense Policy.

The CUA solicits industry sponsorship for its educational activities. All financial contributions must be provided to the CUA in the form of educational grants. Industry sponsors are permitted to provide in-kind logistical support during the implementation of these programs educational programs that are implemented by industry sponsors or third-party agencies are overseen by the OE.

The following CUA documentation is required PRIOR to individual events:

Please contact rita.demarco@cua.org for access to these forms (now online).

When sponsors provide logistical support during the implementation of CUA-developed and accredited CPD programs, they are responsible for ensuring that every event meets CUA requirements. The sponsor, or a third party agency contracted by the sponsor, keeps the CUA apprised of all events and is responsible for submitting all required documentation. The CUA asks that sponsors designate a point person for each program to respond to inquiries from sales reps. This point person will also be the contact for the CUA.

All CUA developed programs are subject to the CUA Honoraria Guidelines for Program Development and Delivery and to the CUA Expense Policy.

Required Documents for CUA CPD Group Learning Activities

All documents for CUA CPD group learning activities must be approved by the OE. Once approved, only logistical details such as date, time, speaker, and location can be changed. This includes:

  • Invitation to the event
  • Evaluation form
  • Sign-in sheet Template
  • Certificate of Attendance Template
  • Any other documents related to the event


All Urologists who act as speakers at CUA educational programs CPD activities must be CUA members in good standing. If potential speakers are not already CUA members, the CUA Corporate Office will provide support to expedite the membership process. All approved speakers must submit forms to the Office of Education prior to individual events.

All requests for accreditation must come from a Physician Organization as defined by the RCPSC.

Applications for accreditation from physician organizations must include the following:

  • Completed Section 1 Application Form; or
  • Completed Section 3 Application Form
  • Signed CUA Accreditation Policy for Physician Organizations
    (signed by representative of applying Physician Organization)
  • Needs Assessment 
  • Detailed Program Agenda
  • Program learning objectives (overall & specific)
  • Evaluation Form
  • Program Invitation/Brochure
  • Program Budget (if sponsorship has been received, please include the written agreement that is signed by the the applicant and the sponsor).
  • CUA Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form
    (completed by all Scientific Planning Committee members and all speakers)
  • Certificate of Attendance Template
  • Sign-In Sheet Template

The accreditation review process may take up to 4 weeks.


Applicant Category Accreditation Fee
Submission by Physician Organization, limited project budget 0 to $15K $1,000
Submission by Physician Organization, project budget $15K PLUS - $25,000 $2,500
Submission by Physician Organization, project budget $25K PLUS - $50,000 $3,500
Submission by Physician Organization, project budget between $50K PLUS $5,000
Expedited accreditation fee $1,000


CanMEDS is an initiative to improve patient care. The focus of CanMEDS is on articulating a comprehensive definition of the competencies needed for medical education and practice. Its framework is organized around seven roles: Medical Expert (intergrating role), Communicator, Collaborator, Leader, Health Advocate, Scholar and Professional.

In the development and execution of its educational programs, the CUA strives to incorporate CANMEDs with the ultimate goal of having its members provide better standards of care to their patients.

The CUA supports and adheres to the CMA Code of Ethics and Professionalism (Update 2018), the CMA Guidelines for Physicians in Interactions with Industry (2007), and the Innovative Medicines Canada’s Code of Ethical Practices (2020).

To contact the Office of Education:

CPD Program Manager


+1 514 395 0376 #43